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Trainings and workshops

Comprehensive offer of supplementary trainings

Business English School combines traditional offer of English courses with a wide range of thematic workshops and language trainings. We understand that operating in international business environment requires not only knowledge of the English language, but also complementary expertise in differences regarding business culture of various countries (writing letters, preparing presentations, conducting negotiations). Our goal is to assist our clients in creating new corporate culture and quality in their companies.

Trainings include a series of several meetings with focus on given thematic issue, conducted in the form of presentation and ended with practical exercises (case studies).

Workshops are more absorbing form of training; they are based on practical exercises actively involving each participant and their main purpose is to motivate learners to use already acquired skills.

Zapraszamy na szkolenia:

  • ‘Business writitng common errors’ part 1 (elementary)
  • ‘Business writitng common errors’ part 2 (upper-intermediate)
  • ‘Business writitng common errors’ part 2 (advanced)
  • ‘How to improve your business correspondence quality‘
  • ‘Presenting in English’
  • ‘Chairing a meeting’
  • ‘International teleconferencing’

Join us in workshops on:

  • ‘Communicating with your audience’
  • ‘International business etiquette’
  • ‘Negotiating a good deal’